The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Open Up…

Recently the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been in the public eye a little more than usual. The royal couple just released a documentary this last Sunday showing a different side to the royal lifestyle.

CNN recently covered a story on them both from a broadcasting standpoint, and released an article about them. In this post I am going to be talking about the differences I saw between the video and its script and the article.

One thing that I noticed was the article was much more wordy and had several quotes from outside sources and Harry and Meghan themselves, where as the video just briefly talked about them. You could definitely tell the style of writing were very different.

The video was more to the point, and discussed how the couple is going after the Tabloids for false accusations against Meghan, and how the media has been effecting their lives. Where as the article went into more depth about the documentary that was just released and the content, and what that means for the royal couple.

The article gave more insight, where as the video was almost just a brief description of what is going on since the documentary starring the couple came out on Sunday.

Overall, I think that the stories covered the same basic content, but I think the leads were different. I think the main objective of the video was talking about how the media is effecting the couple, and how they are handling it. Whereas the article did talk about that but it also focused more on the documentary, and had direct quotes from the couple making it almost more personable.

The B Role in the video was useful also. In the video it definitely set a different tone than when I was just reading the article. It was just interesting really comparing the two different media platforms covering the same story for the first time. I noticed a lot more differences than I was initially expecting.

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  1. Both pieces seem like analysis, but of slightly different subjects. The print version seems more focused on “process,” how and why the couple decided to file a lawsuit, and how it will be tried. The video is a bit different, focusing on media coverage — good and bad — and how it has affected them. Basically, CNN readers get a twofer.

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