Broadcast Writing

If you are an avid flyer you may want to rethink getting on a plane to get to your next destination.

A recent study shows that Americans that travel six or more times in a year are responsible for two thirds of aviation emissions that are polluting the earth. If you are one of these frequent fliers, on average, you’ll emit more than 3 tons of carbon dioxide per year when choosing to fly.

Some things that you can do to minimize your aviation footprints, are to choose routes that fly newer aircrafts. Being more aware of how fuel efficient your aircraft is can help immensely.

So next time you’re planning a vacation or business trip ask yourself if it is entirely necessary to take to the air.

2 thoughts on “Broadcast Writing

  1. The last graf is fine. Broadcast does allow for “endings.” They let the listener know the story is over.

    Sam has a good radio voice.

  2. Good throwaway lead. Gets the attention of “flyers” and travelers. You might try to make it waht kind of flyer, one who’s worried about the environment, but that might make it too long.

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