Ellen Takes a Hit for Being Nice

This week one of the highlights in the news is that Ellen Degeneres and George Bush were seen hanging out in a luxury box seat at a Dallas Cowboys football game.

The reason people are freaking out about this is because Degeneres is part of the LGBTQ+ community, and Bush has been actively known to speak out against the gay community.

Degeneres, spoke out on her show after the incident speaking with grace and humor to shed light that people need to be nice to everyone, and that she does not just preach that to her audience she genuinely tries to live by that.

I read an article on Vox that shed light on the situation and covered what people needed to now about situation. I thought they did a good job on informing the readers about what happened, and why so many Ellen fans are upset with her due to Bush’s background. The article then talks about the different definition of “niceness” in the Trump era of media and the news and how that has to do with how people reacted to the encounter between the two. I enjoyed reading the article, and thought it was structured very well.

One thought on “Ellen Takes a Hit for Being Nice

  1. This story has legs, so to speak. Lots of people are not accepting
    Ellen’s explanation, and aren’t letting er off easy. To some degree
    I think they’re correct. At the same time, if Ellen was going to
    distance herself from everyone who had a problem with her
    lifestyle, she would not have the same influence she now

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