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WNC #7

October 15th, 2010 by Gustav

School Three ‘Commit Suicide’, by John Coles

This tabloid article from The Sun (British magazine) tries to make a story out of a couple suicidal incidents at the same school in Trowbridge, UK. The victims are 13, 15, and lastly 19 years old. The question is whether the three cases somehow relate to one another. At least, that is what the lead suggests.

I chose the first best article I could find on a tabloid’s website. I came in with the typical notion that those magazines are, by no means, newsworthy publishers. This story might be fun and interesting to investigate. But it mainly talks about close family and friends and how they utter their condolences, compassion, and memories of the victims. There is no structure in the story. The lead does not relate to the content. Quotes are randomly put in. I had trouble making sense of most the information, as it wasn’t an easy, enjoyable read. Maybe, that is partly due to the single sentences that are presented, instead of comprehensive grafs. I know, what could I have expected from this? But seriously! Starting out a story of dead girls with the word “attractive”, or captioning pictures with “loss” or “devastating”… that shows few respect, and doesn’t really create something newsworthy and compelling to the reader. But maybe that’s exactly what the readers of The Sun want.

I love the little note on the bottom that provides a hotline for Samaritans, in case of “needy readers”.

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