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Branstad tightens his grip

October 13th, 2010 by Gustav

Governor Terri Branstad presented himself in a jolly demeanor on Morningside’s Campus last Monday. He strongly asserted his capabilities to get Iowa back on the rise.

During the Q-&-A part of the discussion, Branstad expressed how much he loved Iowa, running for governance not for the money but because he feels capable of redirecting Iowa out of its mess.

“I couldn’t stand watching the mess that was going on,” so Branstad. Naturally, he refered to the budget raised and instituted by Chet Culver. “Governor Culver conducted a fiscal mismanagement. He focuses on politics rather than policy.”

Issues being raised during his presentation were health care, the retention of judges, private and public education, tax regulations, and unemployment.

Chris Mansfield felt like “Branstad was prepared to ride to the rescue. Generally the people were mostly supportive of his efforts to retain the governorship.” The crowd consisted mainly of community-republicans. Chris said, “The college should have sent out one of those ‘all-student-emails’ to raise awareness.”

Branstad seems to have a plan for Iowa’s future. Right now, according to recent polls, his support numbers are around the 55%-mark. He is favored by 90% of Republicans in the state. Elections are held on November 2nd.

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