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A Rubber Band is Tough to Find…

October 4th, 2010 by Gustav

… at least when you’re looking for one that’s not beige or similarly colored.

“Oh nooo! Let me look in my supplies.” Mary Krejci said to me on a rather chilly, but despite sunny Monday afternoon. I needed to find a “not-beige” rubber band. Turns out, those things like to hide in but a few spots in admission offices.

On my walk over to Lewis Hall, I had company from Reid and Grace, and for some reason we came to talk about shopping and clothes. If men take as much time to make up their minds about a particular item – or more. The squirell along the sidewalk distracted me from the conversation. I always space off looking at those little, cute but evil-minded creatures.

I went straight to the admissions office, figuring they would have what i was looking for. My instinct guided me to Mary Krejci, a lady past her mid-life crisis, with blonde-greyish hair, and glasses that amplify her friendliness. Even though i just asked for a little rubber band, she jumped right up and scrambled around her office.

“Look, does this work?” She held up a blue rubber band, snatched from some desk around the corner down the hallway. I said that would be fine, thinking about how this somewhat stressful search resembled my frustration going into this week.

I asked her what she did for stress relief. As it turned out she just returned from vacation. “I like to be alone, listen to music, and just enjoy the tranquility. My husband and i like to go on bicyle trips to just do something that gets us thinking about stuff different than work.”

I wanted to listen and share my own thoughts about stress and privacy, but i had to get back to share my experiences with the visitor’s of this nest. It’s nice to know she wanted to keep talking, and i surely am grateful for the little, blue rubber band, which in the end, made all this possible. Subtleties are not so much subtle after all.

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  1.   crstaff said,

    on October 8th, 2010 at 10:45 AM

    Mary is a very nice, and helpful, woman. I’m not sure “past her mid-life crisis” is what you mean, though it is likely true.

    Good article.

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