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Story assignment on description

September 9th, 2010 by Gustav

Don’t Stop & Leave

The Kum-&-Go on Morningside avenue used to be a 7/11 around ten years ago. The gas station itself hasn’t been renovated since, but the counter has moved from time to time. The white and red sign saying “kum & go” is remotely visible. There are only two pumps. The occasional white pick-up or dark-colored car stops to access the market function of the gas station. Car engines keep running while their owners enter the transparent aluminum door. Milk, tobacco, and snacks are the highlights of revenue when the day grows older. When night approaches it is a deserted place. The grey wall of clouds above it made the place come close to a tavern in Northern Ireland when the fog looms around the forested hills; empty and socially evaded. There is a light at the side of the building that is quite functional. However, the occasional “buzz” visibly resounds.

Entering the station bright lights burn your eye light, their sources spread among advertisement, special offers, and product packaging. Virtually no one except the cashier resides between the aisles and different food corners. Empty, deserted, socially evaded. It’s a vacant castle where candy bars and carbonated drinks are the replacement for ancient bricks and wooden bars. “Klick”. The aluminum door opens. Twice. Assume once would meet a professor at a Kum-&-Go around 8 pm at night. Assume it’s real. Apparently, professors are hunters of cheap fountain drinks. Bargain of the night: 32 oz. drink for only 59 cents. The place shines thirstily when another customer approaches the food and fountain corner, which practically draws immediate attention to a disoriented customer. Even the desert accommodates oases. One chats with the fellow camel, joins forces for a while it seems, and after 2 minutes of irrelevant talk it all regresses back to human life. The cashier was evidently glad he could present the exotic offerings of his own oases, at least tonight that is. Surprisingly, among two customers one could claim to observe outmost diversity.
“Zzz-zz-nnnn-zzzz”. The ice machine recurrently starts humming. Have a slushy or some frozen food while you’re at it. “Cha-ching”. The cash register flies open and is pushed close just as fast. One could become distracted in this place. Too many unexpected sounds. Some sort of steady beep tone springs from the background of the tobacco facet. Marlboro Light; Marlboro Menthol; Marlboro 100’s; Marlboro Menthol Light; Marlboro Regular; Marlboro Ultra Light; Marlboro Paradise? Marlboro Heaven? Tobacco must be hard to come by at other places after seeing this arsenal of lung extinguishers. The sub convex mirrors at the end of the outside aisles reflect the image of the black guy exiting the station, fountain drink in his hand. Cashier X jolly awaits the two cars leaving, so he can too exit the red, purple and shop-worn interior. It won’t be his last cigarette for the night…

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4 Responses to ' Story assignment on description '

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  1.   Alison said,

    on September 10th, 2010 at 2:09 PM

    Clever Title… 🙂

  2.   Reid said,

    on September 10th, 2010 at 2:09 PM

    I like the commentary on going into the Kum and Go and the sounds all the machines make. The ice machine and the cash machine. It kept my attention the whole way through and was fun read.

    You lost me a bit when you mentioned northern Ireland and the fog over the Kum and Go. It sounded a bit like a story too at parts.

  3.   Chris said,

    on September 10th, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    Good imagery – I like the ‘Northern ireland’ reference.

  4.   Fuglsang said,

    on September 12th, 2010 at 4:21 PM

    “Zzz-zz-nnnn-zzzz”. Cool!

    As Reid mentioned, I got a little lost when you mentioned a professor.

    You have two very nice themes going: the “social” emptiness, and K&G as a promoter of unhealthy habits. As you mentions, cigs and beer are likely the best selling items. Then junk food and gas.

    Work on the middle section, Gutsav.

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