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WNC #1

August 31st, 2010 by Gustav

Obama Says Iraq Combat Mission is Over, by Helene Cooper

This story talks about president Obama’s address to the population about the end of American involvement in Iraq. At least, that is what the author starts out with. Later in the article she digs a little deeper; evaluates feedback from the home front; shows statistics that prove the credibility of the president’s proclamation.

This is a very good article, containing a lot of seperate information in only two pages of online news. Somehow, all this information relates back to Obama’s administration. The quotes used by the author are easily put into context. The paragraphs are not too long, but at the same time distract a lot from finding main points. The lead-in is nice, the body well structured, just the end seems sort of out of place. The story is centered on the president’s message, so it would have been better to end on such a note. Also, sometimes the sentences make up a whole paragraph, which makes online reading even harder than it might be for some people. I personally wanted to know more about Obama’s intentions, which I could find, but which are also hidden amongst other information. A different headline, or relatively a more topic-concerned insight would get me more satisfaction.┬áThe story is definitely newsworthy, as is anything that comes straight FROM the White House TO the people.

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  1.   Fuglsang said,

    on September 2nd, 2010 at 8:20 AM

    Good discussion, Gustav. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “sometimes the sentences make up a whole paragraph, which makes online reading even harder than it might be for some people.” In reporting, paragraphs are intentionally short, and often just one or two sentences. We’ll talk about this in class.

    As far as content, the article does provide good context for the speech. It’s best that the writer avoid Obama’s intentions, because only the Pres. would know. A discussion of the pos and neg of Obama’s war efforts should go on the opinion page.

    Keep up the good discussion, Gustav.

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