Phoenix police say filmmaker who sent teen into street with fake rocket launcher arrested

A Teenager dressed in a white sheet carrying a fake RPG was on a busy intersection on July 28, 2012.  He was aiming the fake RPG at passing cars to see how fast the Phoenix police would respond to this terrorist act.  When cops did come no arrest were made after Turley who would be arrested on September 24, 2012 told them he was making a movie.  Turley was arrested after the video was uploaded to YouTube.  39-year-old Michael D. Turley is being charged with false impression of a terrorist act, endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

I believe this is news worth because people need to realize that terrorist can be anywhere and need to act fast when a terrorist act is happening.  With all the conflicts around the world it will only be time when things start to go wrong in our country. The police need to act fast and make arrest even if someone says it’s for a movie, terrorist act need to be taken seriously for the safety for others.  What would happen if someone in one of those cars had a gun on them and thought it was a threat to his or her life.  Then news would have blown up saying how a kid messing around was shot because someone thought the kid was a threat.

Even though the story was really short it gave all the information that was needed to make a good lede. I saw the video earlier today that had the story and explained what was going on.  The writer really just gave all the information up front and told it how it was. Also the writer did not give his opinion on the subject like most writers do.

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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    I heard something about this. Sort of like the boy who cried wolf. All kinds of things could have gone badly here. Where did you read the story?

  2.   Gage Thackston Says:

    I found it on