Pocket Lint


Each student got a sheet of paper that had a mission on it to go find someone that would give you an item. My mission was to find someone outside of the library to give me some pocket lint. This is going to be the weirdest question that anyone will be asked and also the weirdest question I will ever ask someone. So my quest for some lint starts at the Student Center. I found one young lady that had a nice smile working in the bookstore that was not doing anything. I told her what I was doing and showed her the sheet of paper and how she needs to help me so I can be done with it. She searched all her pockets and found nothing. This mission started to look harder then what I thought it was going to be.  Finally searching my third building for anyone that would talk to me and give me some lint. I finally saw my prey walking down the hall; he looked like he had nothing to do but to talk to me.  I waited for him to walk down a hallway that had no escape, so he had to walk right passed me. I introduced my self and he had a confused look on his face.  The guy I ended up stopping was Cade Herrig. He said he was thinking, “Why is this guy telling who he is and talking to me” when I stopped him.  After explaining what I wanted from him he started laughing and said, “Why pocket lint?”

Showing him the sheet of paper that told me what I had to do and asking him if he would like to help me out.  He was kind enough to start checking his pockets for lint that he could give to me. He had on dark blue jeans that were as dark as the sea. When my luck was about to run out he finally found some in his last pocket and handed it over. The lint did not look like it even came from the jeans because it was as white as snow. He told me to take care of it and not lose it because it was his last one.

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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    Why would anyone be surprised by a pocket lint request? What kind of pants did the lint come from? What color is the lint? One or two visual details could possibly make the story more real to the reader.