Western Report- Iran ships arms, personnel to Syria via Iraq

The United Nations has confirmed that Iran is shipping weapons to Syria to help Syria’s military fight the rebels.  Both countries are denying that this is happening and Iraq had not knowledge that weapons were being shipped or their airspace.  The United Nations believes that Iraq did not know about the weapons and was told not to question the planes that were flying in Iraq’s airspace. The planes that are being used to transport weapons are civilian 747s and being organized by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The United States is threating to take aid away from Iran for helping Syria.  The United States wants no part in paying Iran when they are shipping weapons to Syria.  This has not been the first time this conflict has been brought up.  Before planes were flying in Iraq’s airspace to Syria they were flying in Turkey’s airspace to Syria. The planes over Turkey’s airspace have been ceased for some time now and the United Nations plan to stop to Iran’s weapon transport to Syria but has not revealed how.

This is news worth because the transport of weapons to Syria is going to keep the civil war continuing and the war can trigger more conflicts in surrounding countries. This could become a big problem for the United States if the war starts more conflicts.  The United States is already trying to leave the Middle East and more conflicts are not going to help that process.  The United States is going to try and stop the planes before more troops have to be put on the ground to make it stop.

The author developed this story really well. The beginning stated what was happening and the United Nations is dealing with the problem.  It also gave a lot of quotes to back up the story and make the reader more informed.  The story had a second part talking about what the United States was going to do about this problem. Over all the story was written really well.



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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    Nicely done, Gage. It’s interesting that the Iraqis so easily did what they were told: Don’t ask questions.