In Libya, another attack on the United States ended with the death of four Americans. One of these Americans, Chris Stevens, was the American ambassador in Libya. The identity of the others is classified.  Fifty Marines were sent to Libya to provide security for American personal and to oversee the evacuation of American officials.  Seven countries are being watched carefully in Africa and the Middle East to prevent this from happening again.

This is news worthy because the U.S. could deploy more troops in Africa or Middle East to protect American ambassadors. This story was a wake up call for most Americans that think the U.S. is out of the hot zone with most people.  With little information about the raid it still gave a good lede and provided as much information as is allowed at this time. More information is likely to be released as the situation settles.

The author wrote this story really well I thought. The Lede had a very strong beginning by “President Obama Rushed Fifty Marines to Libya to Safe Guard Americans”. With this story only coming out only hours ago and some information is still classified it still gave good information about the raid and how President Obama reacted to the situation.–election.html

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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    OK, Gage. This has been the news of the week for a variety of reasons. It is at least in part a reminder that America will have to deal with Middle East resentment for quite some time, even if we manage to end the wars there.