Navy Seal Endangers His Own

Former Navy Seal puts himself and his brothers in arms at risk of being targeted by terrorist. Former Seal wrote a book explaining his first hand account about the Bin Laden raid and may have revealed top secret information from intelligence to special warfare communities.  If top-secret information is leaked from the book he could be seeing some hard times ahead of him.

I believe this is news worthy because this book could jeopardize national security and puts American lives at risk. Even though everyone in the United States has the right of free speech but it is a different story when national security is at risk. The government has the right to take all your revenue and send you to jail time if you are risking American lives and national security. Americans should know that they are safe from any terrorist attack and the government is going to keep it that way.

One Response to “Navy Seal Endangers His Own”

  1.   fuglsang Says:

    Gage: You don’t have to include the whole URL as a link. You can just type, “Read the story here” and then make that the link.

    Do more than just summarize the story. Why is this news? Who is the audience? What should I get from this story? Is it possible the goal here is for people not to buy the book?

    Also, what do you think of this website naming Bissonette? Yeah, his name is out, because of Fox, but many media outlets still do not name him.