Indian navy ready to deploy to South China Sea as tensions climb

December 4th, 2012

China is going to be stirring up big problems in the South China Sea starting January 1st.   China is going to start searching any ship that is in the South China Sea; which China believes that is their territory. India is going to have none of China’s bullying. India is ready to deploy it navy vessels to the South China Sea to protect oil-exploration and its economy from China. This will be in the best interest for India and its country to standup against China .

This is news worthy because China has already stolen a lot of United States companies and now they want to search any ship that is in the South China Sea. South China Sea is one of the largest oil reserves with 213 billion barrels of oil.  China is going to start trouble if it starts to search every ship that goes into South China Sea.  A lot of countries are going to step in if China does this and China not a country that back down from the countries that plan on stepping in.

The Author did a very good job writing this article. Most of the article talked about how India is ready to deploy if China is going to go through with this and start searching ships. It was also really nice that the author talked about how important South China Sea is to so many countries. The author also talked about if this is a collision course for many countries in the area and it also had a lot of facts that supported why India is so upset. The story also had plenty of interviews from India’s Navy Chief Admiral D.K Joshi.

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Iran “will press on with enrichment:” nuclear chief

November 28th, 2012

Many countries are still concern about Iran developing nuclear weapons in the near future.  Iran says they are using uranium, which is used to make a nuclear weapons; uranium is being used for Tehran reactor that is for medical research.  Iran says its nuclear program is purely peaceful purposes only.  Countries like the U.S., China, Russia, France, Germany, and Britain are still concern that Iran is not doing what they say they are doing. The U.N. nuclear watchdogs have reported that Iran suddenly stopped converting uranium into oxide powder that is used for the reactor.

This is very newsworthy because Iran having nuclear weapons can be a bad thing for countries around Iran. It is also nice to hear that a hand full of countries are worried and are doing something about it.  People need to be aware what is going around in other countries because a lot of things can change really quickly if Iran or any other Middle East country contains nuclear weapons.

The author did a good job writing this story.  At the beginning it gave a person that was speaking on Iran’s behalf. Which is always nice to know because it gave the readers a certain person instead of Iran said this.  This story was more personal when that name was given. The author also included all the countries that are worried and trying to figure out what Iran is really doing with the uranium.  In the story it said the U.N. has watchdogs on Iran’s uranium and notifying countries if something is really wrong.  Overall this author gave a lot of detail on the information, which made the readers well informed about the problem.

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November 25th, 2012


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Southern Israelis disappointed by Gaza cease-fire

November 22nd, 2012

Many people in Southern Israelis are very disappointed that a cease-fire started on Nov. 14.  Many people are still scared of going outside and having a normal life again.  The interviews that were in this story talk about how Israel should keep fighting till Hamas is beaten and did not want to fight them anymore. Most civilians fear that the worse is to come when this cease-fire is over. Even though over 1500 missile have been fired at Israel and were aimed at major cities like Jerusalem. Civilians can only see that this situation is only going to get worse in the future and a full out war will break out, with lots of death.

This is very news worthy because the U.S. is allies with Israel and if they call we will come rushing.  This war will not just be a war against terrorist but a war against a nation that also has allies.  If this cease-fire ends and Israel starts to get crashed by Hamas and the U.S. has to come in then world war three can be a huge possibly.

This story was well written and had a lot of interviews of people, which made this story really personal. It also tells that Israel is not going to back down and will protect its ways from anyone that threatens it. The author shows that the Israel people are behind its army hundred and two percent and will support them no matter what. The U.S. people need to be aware of this war because we might be in there really soon.

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Turkey warns Syria on border violation

November 14th, 2012

War is creeping closer between Syria and Turkey.  Turkey is ready to act if Syria sends aircraft into Turkey’s airspace. Troops are already on the border ready to push into Syria if another conflict occurs. Since this civil war has started 36,000 people have died and 11,000 people have escaped into Turkey last week. The Syria civil war fighting is only about hundred miles from the Turkey border.  Turkey is on its last strew with Syria and is not going to back down from protecting its people.

This is news worthy because the northern part of Syria is an oil-producing region and this could conflict with the gas prices around the world if this region becomes a war zone. With the civil war getting closer to Turkey and threating its people what will happen if other countries like Jordan and Lebanon start to have conflicts from Syria from this civil war? Another war is on the break in the Middle East, the United States still has not said anything about sending troops to help Turkey.

This story was well written because it gave what has happen in the passed and what actions Turkey has taken against Syria for damaging parts of Turkey and killing Turkey civilians. The author also included how many people have died during this civil war and the amount of people that fled into neighboring countries.  With people fleeing into neighboring countries this could trigger more fighting from neighboring countries if they do not want to help the fleeing Syrians.

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Three Stories

November 9th, 2012

Story 1

What can be more of an odd couple then a deer and a dog? Isobel Springett came across a fawn (baby deer) that was abandoned by the mother and was needing of care when he and his Great Dane Kate adopted the deer. The owner Springett calls it “a loving relationship.” Then the deer and the dog play together it is just like when two dogs play together. In the animal kingdom any kind of friendships could happen.

Story 2

Military dog Layka was give a medal after a heroic acted that saved her handlers life. The dog went into a building that was possibly booby trapped with explosives to clear it out. While searching in the building the dog was ambushed and was shoot several times that would end up her losing her leg. After being shot Layka was still able to attack the assailant and subdue him. When the handler was able to take away the threat, the dog was treated by her handler and physician assistant.

Story 3

Science story. Forgot to save the word document so have to go back and listen to the audacity to rewrite it

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Abandoned baby deer adopted by dog, they become fast friends (video)

November 8th, 2012

What can be more of an odd couple then a deer and a dog? Isobel Springett came across a fawn (baby deer) that was abandoned by the mother and was needing of care when he and his Great Dane Kate adopted the deer. The owner Springett calls it “a loving relationship.” Then the deer and the dog play together it is just like when two dogs play together. In the animal kingdom any kind of friendships could happen.

I believe this story is news worthy because it is unique.  A person never comes across a friendship that is a deer and a Great Dane. I believe that Great Danes were used in the 18th century to hunt deer and kill the deer. Dogs are truly the best animals to have as a friend in life. NATURE | Animal Odd Couples | Kate and Pip | PBS

This story was short but was well presented. The story had a short paragraph at the beginning before it led the reader into a Youtube video that had the dog and deer playing.  The author placed the video in the good spot in the story because the first paragraph tells the reader how the deer and dog became friends. After the video it has a couple of sentences that sums up the story and tells that a deer and a dog is not the only weird friendship out there.

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Border agents in fatal shooting had radio contact

November 2nd, 2012

One U.S. border patrol agent was killed by friendly fire during a early morning operation in Phoenix, Arizona. When a sensor was tripped at 1:30am October 2, three U.S. border Patrol agents went out the location to find what tripped the alarm. The three agents split up to cover more ground and have different angles on the area. This way they can trap who ever set the alarm off.  One agent was coming down from north while the other two were coming up from the south. The north agent Ivie fired at the two other agents ending up wounding one.  The two being shot at returned fire and killed Agent Ivie, 30, who has six years on the force. The third agent was uninjured from the firefight.  FBI agents took over the seen later that day to investigate what cased this shooting to start.

I believe that this story was news worthy because Border Patrol Agents put their life on the line to keep the United States safe from people that are not allowed to be in the country.  You also do not hear a lot about Border Agents that have done so much for the U.S.  It is always nice to read something about the agents and what they do for this country but it is sad that the only way they can get in the news is when friendly fire ends up killing one.

This article was written really why by giving us all the information that was released so far.  This story was easy to follow and the author had plenty of interviews from ex border agents that told how agents should not have shot unless they felt threaten.  The author also made you want to know more about what happen and why did the agent shoot without communicating with the others to see where each other were.  This was a great story with a lot of facts and information to let the public know what had happened.

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Five Year Olds Are Generous Only When They’re Watched

November 1st, 2012

Sicence story

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October 30th, 2012

Richard Brunson, 50, shot Laurette Kenny Brunson, 38, will a 22- caliber handgun after their wedding. This occurred at 5 p.m. today right after the wedding that took place at 2 p.m. earlier. The couple has been living together for the last four or five months before they got married. Neighbor Michel Martin was the one to call the police after the shooting. This is what he had to say Laurette. Richard Brunson was gone before the police arrived. Laurette Brunson was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital for treatment. The whereabouts of Richard Brunson is still unknown.

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