Loving Myself Every Day

I am not proud of my behavior…..

Hey guys, today started out much earlier than anticipated.  I was expecting to get up at 7, hit the gym, jog two miles, and unfortunately that plan went out the window.  Poor Winston got really sick. 🙁  The little guy had a couple of accidents on my bed.  It was my fault though, I gave him a different food.  I guess you’re supposed to SLOWLY introduce it to their diet.  I felt like a really bad mom.  But my buddy is feeling a million times better.  I’m so glad.

Well today, I went a little overboard on calories I think.  Here’s what I had:

Breakfast: Blueberry Poptarts – 410

Snack: Cottage Cheese cup – 90

Lunch: Chipotle steak burrito bowl – 710

Dinner: Turkey burger with avocado, swiss cheese, onions, baby spinach and a Woodchuck – We’ll assume this was roughly 1000 calories.

Total – 2210 calories

Jogged 2 miles, did 270 different ab exercises (9 sets of 30).  So kind of a slack day, BUT a) before I started counting calories, I probably would have added another 100 to 200 calories to that total.  And b) I wouldn’t have exercised.  I’m not super proud of the way I ate today.  But I am proud of the fact that I dragged my butt to the gym.

As my roommates (or neighbors, for anyone who doesn’t know the four girls that I am so blessed to have live in my building) would tell you, I often fit-spire myself to go to the gym by looking at pictures of fit girls.  Not skinny girls, but FIT girls.  Here’s my most current inspiration:

She is so buff!  Let’s all work to look like that. 🙂  Feel free to let me know how YOUR New Year’s Resolution is coming along.  Hope everyone is having a great week.