Loving Myself Every Day

Should we call this day one?

Hi everyone! I got a few comments on Facebook, so thank you to everyone that reads my posts. ¬†I hope you find everything helpful. ūüôā

I know this is a little off topic, but I’m watching David Letterman and Lady Gaga is his guest tonight. ¬†I like her music a lot, the songs are all pretty fun and catchy. ¬†I know she’s controversial and out-there, but let’s be honest, that’s why she’s so interesting. ¬†I think the best part is going to watch her go nuts from trying to out-do herself. ¬†But she is so gorgeous. ¬†Her skin is lovely! And girl’s got a bangin’ body. ¬†I’d like to aim to have her abs, if no one objects.

Lady Gaga

OK, so here’s what I ate today….we’ll start with that. ¬†I know it’s said that breakfast is pretty essential to jump starting your metabolism for the day. ¬†However, I’m not a big fan of breakfast; a lot of times I’m not hungry. ¬†But hopefully as I get going on this, I get better about doing that.

Lunch: 6-inch Subway sandwich (9-grain honey oat bread, roast beef, provolone cheese, spinach, olives, oil, and vinegar), lemonade, and roasted tomatoes.

Snack: 2 homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, small coffee with cream and 2 sugars

Dinner: 1/2 of a chicken breast, unsweetened iced green tea, and cheesy potatoes ( wouldn’t say it was really dinner, I ate it more to hold me over until after my brother’s baseball game.)

REAL dinner: Chicken wrap (1/2 chicken breast, slice of swiss cheese, barbecue sauce) and cheesy potatoes

Probably not all the best foods, but I would say rather than a Big Mac or Taco Bell, it was a very healthy day food-wise.

Now when it comes to working out, I will admit that I am VERY VERY VERY out of shape. ¬†I haven’t been as good about going to the gym as I should be. ¬†But I did go today!!! I did 20-minutes on the stationary bike at a level 7. ¬†Then I did 20 bicep curls and tricep extensions, and 3 sets of 10 reps on the lateral pull-down. ¬†After that, I was beat! But I’m very proud of myself for getting my butt to the gym.

I think I’m going to try one of the led classes tomorrow, if your gym has them, I would definitely recommend it. ¬†I feel like you get a better, more complete workout from a professional. ¬†Plus, they mix it up so you don’t plateau. ¬†And I know that our YMCA doesn’t have the same class at the same time, so you can mix it up.

Also, they weighed me today when I went to give plasma…I’m not ashamed to say that I am 155 lbs. ¬†That’s not horrible, maybe a little overweight. ¬†But that’s why I’m starting this journey.

Well everyone, sleep well!  Have a wonderful day tomorrow, and stay beautiful.