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Gov. Branstad Speech

As governor, he went to every county in Iowa.  Now that he’s a former university president, Terry Branstad feels the importance of speaking at college campuses.  And his message of better financial aid resonates with those that saw him speak at Morningside.

“I support private and public higher education,” Branstad said in his speech.

Other topics that arose during Branstads speech were unemployment, the budget, gay marriage, and small businesses.  But financial aid was the big issue on everyone’s mind.  A teacher even asked about funding for community colleges.

Students at Morningside College, a $30,000 per year school were especially receptive to the idea of more financial aid.

“I like that Branstad is a friend of private education, Morningside could use a friend in a high place,” said Courtney Brown, a junior at Morningside.

The importance of financial aid is a refreshing break from hearing about such topics as gay marriage and abortion.  It’s a real issue that we can change right away.  And perhaps Branstad said it best himself when he said, “I want every kid to come to school ready to learn.”