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Sep 15 2017

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Friends leave behind friend after an elegit shark attack after boating accident.

4 students at Armstrong Aeronautical University, Dayton Beach, Florida went out sailing in a 16-foot catamaran.

At about 5 pm the boat leaked and capsized leaving the students hanging on one of the pontoons throughout the night.

At dawn they chose to swim to safety even though the nearest shore was four miles away.

3 of the 4 students made it to shore with one claimed to be bitten by shark and left behind, another badly bitten by Portuguese man-of-war, and the other two were examined and released from Halifax hospital, Dakota Beach.


55 dead after plane crashes while approaching Chicago airport.

Some of the 6 survivors gave statements along the lines of the pilot having a few too many cocktails before the flight.

This happening a month after the deadly train crash killing 45.

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Sep 11 2017

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The Tribe keep the Streak Going

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With their 11-0 victory against the Detroit Tigers, the Cleveland Indians extend their winning streak to 19, which is the longest winning streak since 2002. The defending AL champions are looking to be right on track to be one series better than last season.

With multiple players hot on the team, it is hard to believe that they won’t get the record of 20 games held by the “Moneyball” A’s of 2002. According to ESPN, the longest unbeaten streak in Major League Baseball history belongs to the 1916 Giants, who won 26 in a row (that included a tie).

As much as the Indians are enjoying their domination on the field they are also having fun with their fans as Fransico Lindor has been spotted hanging out with children and making the autograph session a bigger experience for the fans than it already is by being involved with their short time with him and the rest of the players.

Just as he was spotted smiling with the kids, in last nights’ game against the Tigers he was caught smiling as he was hitting a moon shot for his 29th home run of the season. Trevor Bauer won his 9th straight decision and Cody Allen came in to close it out.

“Forget about the curveball Ricky, give him the heater” –Lou Brown (Major League 1989)

Throughout this 19 game win streak the Indians hit 37 homeruns. Not only have the Indians been winning these games, they have been dominating. Only 3 out of the 19 games were one run games. Outscoring their opponents by 100 runs, six of the games have been double digit scoring and another six have been shutouts.

Hellickson on Indian’s win streak: “It’s hard to fathom. There’s so many good starting pitchers and so many good teams that it really is hard to even think about winning that many in a row. But when you’ve got that rotation and that bullpen, then that offense, it’s a pretty complete team. I can see how they’ve done it.”

But the beauty of baseball is that anything can happen.

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Sep 07 2017

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Local Firefighter sent to hospital.

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A normal day turned to trouble for local twins Suzanne and Samantha Decker when their Calico cat got stuck up in a 50-foot oak tree at 102 11th Ave.

Bob reached the cat and as he was climbing down the tree when a weak limb gave out and Bob and the cat dropped the last 15 feet.

The cat made it ok but Bob not so lucky. He had to be taken to St. Luke’s Hospital where he found out he had a broken leg. Doctors said he is doing, “just fine” and he should get back to work soon.

As for the cat; thanks to Bob, he is doing great!

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Sep 07 2017

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Its Back!

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Time to do the research, pick your team, and hope to the Lord that you don’t come in last place! That’s right, its time for Fantasy football!

With the first National Football League (NFL) game coming up this Thursday, many people are getting their last minute drafts in for their Fantasy Leagues.

What is Fantasy Football? It is an organized fake draft of people’s favorite/best players in the NFL and they compete for points each week. The Fantasy league team with the most points in their matchup that week wins!

Usually league have something in store for the loser of the whole season but most of the time it is just for bragging rights.

So get those lineups set and play ball!

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Sep 04 2017

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Making the cut

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It is that time of the year again! Teams are making moves and the regular season is about to get on its way! In order for an NFL team to start the regular season, they have to make their roster cut down to 53 players.

For the starts, the Pre-Season mean’s they are just getting in shape for the regular season. For new players and young guys it means that they have to do the best that they can to show what they have in order to make the team. These are players lives and jobs on the line here!

My team, the Seattle Seahawks, have been making some pretty interesting moves that I believe is going to result in a Championship year!


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Aug 30 2017

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There has been a lot of speculation around the sport of football and its safety. There are a lot of former NFL and college football players that are coming out about how it has effected them in their everyday life after football. Now there is someone new taking the stand. ESPN football analyst, Ed Cunningham, walked away from his job at ESPN and ABC in the prime of his career. Cunningham played Center at Washington University and won the Rose Bowl against the Iowa Hawkeyes in ’91. But Ed said that enough is enough and dropped out of his position. All the hits take a toll on players, this is scientifically proven and honestly jus straight up common sense. Full of emotion and holding back tears Cunningham explained just exactly why he quit saying, “I know a lot of people who say: ‘I just can’t cheer for the big hits anymore. I used to go nuts, and now I’m like, I hope he gets up,’” Cunningham said. His eyes welled with tears. “It’s changing for all of us. I don’t currently think the game is safe for the brain. And, oh, by the way, I’ve had teammates who have killed themselves. Dave Duerson put a shotgun to his chest so we could study his brain.”

That touched deeply because I hear more and more stories about men taking their lives because of trauma or brain damage.  I played football my whole childhood all the way up until college. I have also experienced getting a concussion and being rushed to the hospital for it (You should see the other guy). It was not a fun time for me or my family but it is something that I got myself into because I love the sport. I have also been on the other side where I gave kids concussions or injured them, legally, and it is not a good feeling at all once you process what happened. But I originally signed to Morningside to play football but after a long talk with my family and grandma I decided to play the sport that was #1 to my heart, baseball. But looking back on my decision I am very happy with how things turned out. On the other hand I love to see the big hits, I love watching the Seahawks every week that I can with family, friends, and etc. And with the way that technology is going I think football should be around for the rest of my lifetime, I hope.

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Aug 29 2017

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LA to IA

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Surfer, climber, baseball player, boyfriend, brother, son, etc. The list goes on and on about who Dylan Mersola is. A senior at Morningside College, Dylan found himself in Northwest Iowa from some baseball connections back home in Los Angeles and also from the head coach at the time, Brian Drent. Growing up, just like every California kid’s dream, Dylan dreamed of playing college baseball in Midwest Iowa. Well, the Iowa part may be exaggerating a little bit but the baseball part is true for sure. With a dad that played water polo it is strange that he got into the sport of baseball…until you hear the whole story. Dylan’s grandfather owned the Burbank batting cages in LA and Dylan would go hit there every day starting at a very young age. And although he had baseball on him mind, it wasn’t the only hobby that he picked up throughout his 23 years. Dylan is an avid surfer and boulder. When I asked him why bouldering he said, “It is a spiritual feeling and experience.” Moving to the Midwest was definitely a big eye opener to him. Thanks to his LA connection, Mitch Kellogg, and the head coach of Morningside Baseball at the time, Brian Drent, it was possible for him to continue his college baseball career here in Iowa. When I asked for his best and worst opinion about the Midwest he said that the people’s personalities here are super nice. And for the worst part of the Midwest he said that it has to be the mosquitoes, which I most definitely have to agree! For my last question I asked him who he would want to be stranded on an island with and he said Jennifer Aniston. The man’s mind is in the right place there! An additional thing I added in there was what food he would want and he said, “I’d have to go with Chinese food.”

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Aug 28 2017

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Trade Rumors?

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With the NFL regular season right around the corner, the deadline for making the 53 man roster cuts are upon all 32 teams. With those roster cuts come trade rumors and this last week social media sort of got an eye opener when a rumor of the Miami Dolphins opening up to trade deals for Jarvis Landry took place. The article came about by a no-name reporter who just thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to at least explore some options and offers. One team he thought would make a great fit for him was the Seattle Seahawks. Why the Seahawks, a team who already has a plethora of weapons on offense? Well first of all the Seahawks pride themselves on competition so they have a lot to offer for the wide receiver, as well as they could use another slot receiver to compliment Doug Baldwin to create one of the deadliest slot combo in the league. But all-in-all this is just a rumor floating around. The Miami Dolphins came out with a statement yesterday, August 23rd, that “No chance” we’re trading Jarvis Landry – Head coach of the Dolphins Adam Gase. But it really did stir the pot in what is already expected to be a great NFL season!

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Aug 24 2017

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Hello world!

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