Sep 21 2017

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The Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenging my way around campus I found myself in the computer lab in the Epply building. My task, find a favorite memory and a knock-knock joke from a student, professor, or visitor.

I just so happened to run into Slater Marshall, a cross country and track runner for Morningside college, and Niccole Wolken, a golfer for the Morningside women’s team.

Slater had to think back to his arrival on campus when he transferred into Morningside. His favorite memory was when we first got to campus, nobody told him where he lived. He said, “I got here with a fully loaded car and nobody told me where I was living…so I was homeless for a little while.”

Niccole’s story was a little different. It was also her freshman year here at Morningside and was playing in the band during the Morningside/Whitewater game. In the middle of the down-poor they still had to perform at halftime so her director had them put garbage bags over where bodies, holes to put their heads through of course, and continue to play in the rain.  “I had to stand out in the cold rain to play my saxophone…and we didn’t even win.”

I then brought up the knock-knock joke and I was only able to get one out of Slater. He said that he only knew one knock-knock joke.

Slater: “Knock-knock”

Me: “Who’s there?”

Slater: “Poop”

Me: “Poop who”

Slater: “Gross!”

I was confused at first but after repeating it faster in my head a second time I understood and gave it a good laugh.

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  1. fuglsangon 26 Sep 2017 at 8:51 am 1

    Nicole has experience with scavenger hunts. What do Nicole and Slater look like?