Sep 15 2017

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Friends leave behind friend after an elegit shark attack after boating accident.

4 students at Armstrong Aeronautical University, Dayton Beach, Florida went out sailing in a 16-foot catamaran.

At about 5 pm the boat leaked and capsized leaving the students hanging on one of the pontoons throughout the night.

At dawn they chose to swim to safety even though the nearest shore was four miles away.

3 of the 4 students made it to shore with one claimed to be bitten by shark and left behind, another badly bitten by Portuguese man-of-war, and the other two were examined and released from Halifax hospital, Dakota Beach.


55 dead after plane crashes while approaching Chicago airport.

Some of the 6 survivors gave statements along the lines of the pilot having a few too many cocktails before the flight.

This happening a month after the deadly train crash killing 45.

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