Sep 11 2017

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The Tribe keep the Streak Going

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With their 11-0 victory against the Detroit Tigers, the Cleveland Indians extend their winning streak to 19, which is the longest winning streak since 2002. The defending AL champions are looking to be right on track to be one series better than last season.

With multiple players hot on the team, it is hard to believe that they won’t get the record of 20 games held by the “Moneyball” A’s of 2002. According to ESPN, the longest unbeaten streak in Major League Baseball history belongs to the 1916 Giants, who won 26 in a row (that included a tie).

As much as the Indians are enjoying their domination on the field they are also having fun with their fans as Fransico Lindor has been spotted hanging out with children and making the autograph session a bigger experience for the fans than it already is by being involved with their short time with him and the rest of the players.

Just as he was spotted smiling with the kids, in last nights’ game against the Tigers he was caught smiling as he was hitting a moon shot for his 29th home run of the season. Trevor Bauer won his 9th straight decision and Cody Allen came in to close it out.

“Forget about the curveball Ricky, give him the heater” –Lou Brown (Major League 1989)

Throughout this 19 game win streak the Indians hit 37 homeruns. Not only have the Indians been winning these games, they have been dominating. Only 3 out of the 19 games were one run games. Outscoring their opponents by 100 runs, six of the games have been double digit scoring and another six have been shutouts.

Hellickson on Indian’s win streak: “It’s hard to fathom. There’s so many good starting pitchers and so many good teams that it really is hard to even think about winning that many in a row. But when you’ve got that rotation and that bullpen, then that offense, it’s a pretty complete team. I can see how they’ve done it.”

But the beauty of baseball is that anything can happen.

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