Aug 29 2017

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LA to IA

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Surfer, climber, baseball player, boyfriend, brother, son, etc. The list goes on and on about who Dylan Mersola is. A senior at Morningside College, Dylan found himself in Northwest Iowa from some baseball connections back home in Los Angeles and also from the head coach at the time, Brian Drent. Growing up, just like every California kid’s dream, Dylan dreamed of playing college baseball in Midwest Iowa. Well, the Iowa part may be exaggerating a little bit but the baseball part is true for sure. With a dad that played water polo it is strange that he got into the sport of baseball…until you hear the whole story. Dylan’s grandfather owned the Burbank batting cages in LA and Dylan would go hit there every day starting at a very young age. And although he had baseball on him mind, it wasn’t the only hobby that he picked up throughout his 23 years. Dylan is an avid surfer and boulder. When I asked him why bouldering he said, “It is a spiritual feeling and experience.” Moving to the Midwest was definitely a big eye opener to him. Thanks to his LA connection, Mitch Kellogg, and the head coach of Morningside Baseball at the time, Brian Drent, it was possible for him to continue his college baseball career here in Iowa. When I asked for his best and worst opinion about the Midwest he said that the people’s personalities here are super nice. And for the worst part of the Midwest he said that it has to be the mosquitoes, which I most definitely have to agree! For my last question I asked him who he would want to be stranded on an island with and he said Jennifer Aniston. The man’s mind is in the right place there! An additional thing I added in there was what food he would want and he said, “I’d have to go with Chinese food.”

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