Aug 28 2017

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Trade Rumors?

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With the NFL regular season right around the corner, the deadline for making the 53 man roster cuts are upon all 32 teams. With those roster cuts come trade rumors and this last week social media sort of got an eye opener when a rumor of the Miami Dolphins opening up to trade deals for Jarvis Landry took place. The article came about by a no-name reporter who just thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to at least explore some options and offers. One team he thought would make a great fit for him was the Seattle Seahawks. Why the Seahawks, a team who already has a plethora of weapons on offense? Well first of all the Seahawks pride themselves on competition so they have a lot to offer for the wide receiver, as well as they could use another slot receiver to compliment Doug Baldwin to create one of the deadliest slot combo in the league. But all-in-all this is just a rumor floating around. The Miami Dolphins came out with a statement yesterday, August 23rd, that “No chance” we’re trading Jarvis Landry – Head coach of the Dolphins Adam Gase. But it really did stir the pot in what is already expected to be a great NFL season!

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