Scary story

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It happened when I was 13; I was an 8th grader at Hoover Middle. I was wearing a green t-shirt and my black Nike shorts. I remember when the phone rang. I was in my room, listening to the top-40 radio station. My dad answered the phone. A few minutes later, he came into my room, clearly in distress. “That was the police. Mom was just in a car accident as she was coming from work,” my dad told me.

“Oh, my God! Is she okay?” I asked him.

“Yeah, they said the accident was on Douglas Street. Let’s go down there and see if she’s still there, or if she had to be taken to the hospital.” We jumped in the car. Thankfully, we weren’t too far away.

I knew we were at the scene when I saw the fire truck and a police car. My dad found a place nearby to park and he ran to the police car. An officer stepped out.

“What happened? Is she okay? Is my wife okay?”

“An elderly woman ran a red light. Your wife injured her neck, but other than that, she’s fine. They just sent her to St. Luke’s,” the officer told us.

We got back to the car and rushed to the hospital. When we walked in the crosswalk, my dad was holding my hand. “Dad, I’m okay. I don’t need you to hold my hand,” I told him. “You’re holding MY hand, honey. I’m worried about Mom,” my dad informed me.

Dad and I nervously went up to the desk and the receptionist told us where my mom was. We ran to the elevator.

The nurse told my mom that we had arrived. I wasn’t sure what to expect as we walked into the room. This was the first time my mom was ever in an accident.

She looked tired. Her neck was in a huge brace, and she looked like she was trying not to move her head. We hugged her. “Mom! I’m so glad you’re ok!” I said, relieved. “Thank God you’re all right! How do you feel? Does your neck hurt?” My dad asked.

“Hi, guys! My neck is kind of sore, but the rest of me is okay,” my mom said.

She told us about the accident. An old woman drove through a red light and hit mom’s car. The woman said that the sun was in her eyes, and she thought the light was green. Mom’s black Buick Regal was totaled.

“When she found out I was a lawyer, she had the nerve to ask me legal advice! Then she offered to bake me a pie,” my mom said, frustrated at the woman’s lack of taste.

The doctor came in and gave mom some medicine for her neck. Then we took her home.

I had Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. My mom called her boss and a few of her friends. Dad and I would go look at the car the next day to see what shape it was in.

We looked at the car. It was unrecognizable. “Oh, s**t! We only had this car for three months!” My dad was freaking out, which made me start to feel stressed.

“Dad, don’t worry. It’ll be okay. Mom is safe and that’s the most important thing, right?” I tried to help him put the situation in perspective.

“I just can’t believe it. This doesn’t even look like the same car!” He was in a state of shock. After he was a little calmer, we left.



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