Class Scavenger Hunt

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I walked down the hallway in the music department hall in Eppley.¬† A student with a South Park shirt with Cartman saying, “Screw you guys! I’m going home!” walks past me. I ask him if he has a piece of gum that is not pink. He looks at me like I’m nuts-his eyes kind of bug out-laughs and says, “No.”

Another student who is sitting down in the hallway smiles at me. I tell her about my weird professor giving me this awkward assignment. She tells me that she does not chew gum.

My assignment is to find someone who has gum that is not pink. I am supposed to describe the gum, the person chewing it, and have a quote from the person.

I get a drink of water and I walk down the stairs. I see John Bowitz and I ask him if I can talk to students in his class. He corrects my grammar and says that I “may” talk to his class. I smile and walk in. The class is working with clay and other ceramic materials. I walk up to a friendly-looking guy and ask him if I can ask him a weird question. He says, “Sure.” I ask him and the class in general if anyone is chewing any non-pink gum. One of the students sticks out her tongue and asks if her gum is pink. I tell her that it is. Another student tells me that he does not chew gum.

I thank them and walk down the hallway, past the individual music practice rooms. I walk past Terri McGaffin’s office. A fan is running in the doorway. I look in and she is sitting at her desk. Then I remember that I have to talk to someone I don’t know. Since I went with Terri to New York for a May term trip, she does not count.

I keep walking and I turn the corner. A design classroom door is open and I decide to walk in. There are students painting, washing out brushes, and mixing colors. I don’t see a professor at first, so I am a little¬†nervous. I don’t want to disrupt anyone. Then I look in the back of the room and I see someone who I assume is the professor. I say, “hi,” and I tell her about my descriptive assignment. She is very nice and she tells me that I may ask the class if they have any non-pink gum. A girl raises her hand and I walk over to her. I set my notebook and pen down and I tell her about my assignment. Her reaction is one of curiosity.

We talk. Her name is Alexis Stabile. She is a sophomore transfer student from Colorado State University. The gum she is chewing is white and spearmint flavored. I ask her how long she has been chewing it, and she says, “I’ve been chewing it since the beginning of class, for two hours, and it has lost all its flavor.”

Alexis shows me the gum package. It reads, “Trident Original Flavor”. Since she wants to keep her gum, I ask if I may take the package instead. She tells me that it is empty, and that I may have it. I thank her and the professor, then I head back to the classroom.

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Claire Elyse on 6 October, 2011 at 7:02 pm #

I very much like the style of this.
It was fun to read. I could picture the scene perfectly!

fuglsang on 9 October, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

Weird professor? I guess I’ll let that slide. You found some nice professors to help you succeed. Nicely done, Emily.

Kylie Capshaw on 19 October, 2011 at 11:38 pm #

It’s not that weird, though. Other teachers also do this game for their students. It’s such an entertaining and interactive way of educating kids.