Meet my classmate!

Filed Under (Uncategorized) by Emily on 12-09-2011

Hi. I would like to introduce you to my classmate, Brittany Leigh Conolly. She is a 21 year old Mass comm. major who recently transferred from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her hobbies include online shopping (she LOVES ebay), watching movies, and hanging out with her golden retriever, Haley. She enjoys watching comedy dramas and her favorite restaurant here in Sioux City is La Juanita’s. Brittany likes to read whatever no one else is reading, and her favorite author is Sarah Dessen.

She is an only child, and she has countless cousins. Brittany has been to Canada, Mexico and Hawaii. In the future, she hopes to have a career in radio or broadcasting, and she wants to move to Colorado. She loves the idea of waking up to beautiful mountains every morning.

I have known Brittany since we were in daycare together, and it is fun sitting next to her in journalism class.

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