Mega City Mall Explosion

At 9:50 today an explosion occurred in Mega City Mall. There have been 100 injured and two deceased. The explosion occurred around the food court area near to Dairy Queen. There’s still no information on the cause of the explosion.


The mall released a statement expressing their support to the people in the incident and informed the mall will be closed to assist the law enforcement’s investigation of the tragic event.


Security footage has been recovered and is in the process of being reviewed.


A woman on the other side of the mall said that chaos and confusion was everywhere but gladly there where many civil servants off duty in the mall that instead of running away from the explosion they ran back to help.


There’s been reports of a missing child. He is 12 years old and goes by the name of Steven. The MCPD Sargent Fuglsang expressed that he is another priority and that anytime with information should come forward.


Witnesses have created their own theory involving a security officer whose story doesn’t add up. He was seen with suspicious activity and near the food court. MCPD  is not considering at the moment that this was any type of attack until they gather further evidence.

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