Riley Mahon: A Life Filled With…

Mothers, The base of our nation. They are what keeps most of families together. They have the strength to keep everyone going. But, have you ever stopped and thought about all the work they do? The real heroes are not the one in comic book movies. They are the ones taking you to the movies. For Riley this was a revelation, and a responsibility.


When Riley was 5 years old she was the one with the most chores to do. Keeping her room clean, taking out the trash, do dishes. For a young age she handled these tasks very well. But she never expected the biggest task of all. Around her sophomore year of high school her parents divorced. And she became the woman of the house. She had to make sure her brother went to school, look up for the dog, getting her dad out of the house, and all of this on top of being a kid. Going to school and dealing with enough by herself. She became the glue of the family.


All the work her mom did, was now her work. This is how she realized “no one really appreciates what they do, no one asks how are you doing… well I was tired”. Riley had to put on her mom’s shoes and struggle with being a kid in school by day and the glue of the family by night.


Now she says “I feel like a 35 year old instead of a 20 year old” now that she is in college her obligations and tasks go even further but she is confident that she can handle them. She just hopes to start socializing and having more fun.

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