News Comment : following up on Spacey


After all the allegations and what happened with Kevin Spacey, I’m a bit surprised this time the movie industry is making a stand to show how much those allegations mean. so Scott Ridley is going the cut Spacey’s character form his upcoming movie “all the money in the world” only six weeks before the movie is released what means reshooting with a new actor and a ton of post production to digitally take spacey out of multiple shots.

I’m a bit conflicted on how to feel about this my naive feeling is that this is Hollywood making a stand against old traditions and looking for equality. but at the same time this is also the movie looking to not completely flop on the box office. After all the backlash in social media i’m sure that for at least a couple of years no one is going to want to see spacey in anything, so anything that has him will be probably destined to fail horribly.

So this is where we hesitate is society doing good because is the right call and they are looking for equality or are they just trying to cover their own profit.

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