A new study from JAMA Oncology says a high-fiber diet and yogurt can lower the risk of lung cancer. The study involved more than 1.4 million adults. The study found that people in the highest one-fifth fiber intake had a 17 percent lower risk of lung cancer of those than in the lowest one-fifth. People who ate the most yogurt were 19 percent less likely to develop lung cancer than those who ate none. People with both the highest fiber and yogurt intake had a 33 percent less risk than those who had the least.

Nicholas Bakalar wrote this article and explained how fiber and yogurt work together to promote a healthy gut. Bakalar told how the study worked and the statistics with in it. He got to the point to tell the audience the important things the study found. He ended with a quote from the senior author, Dr. Xiao-Ou Shu of Vanderbilt University explaining how fiber and yogurt work together.

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