Yesterday, Greta Thunberg told the U.N. that the science behind climate change is clear and that action needs to be taken. She expresses the urgency of the fact that rising temperatures could turn into mass extinction.

She gives her message from the view of the younger generation who will be affected the most by climate change. Thunberg said, “You are failing us. But the young people are starting to understand your betrayal.”

Thunberg looks at the years of science that tells that rising climates could end in catastrophe. If emissions are cut in half in the next ten years, there is a 50% chance of staying away from the cutoff of irreversible damage. Thunberg said, “So a 50% risk is simply not acceptable to us – we who have to live with the consequences.” She wants a better chance than 50%.

She is frustrated that the U.N. has not acted to cut emissions and they pretend climate change can be solved “with just ‘business as usual’ and some technical solutions.”

She ends by saying, “We will not let you get away with this.” Thunberg used this speech as a warning that her generation will not be forgiving if no one helps stop climate change.

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