The ACT is going to allow students to retake certain sections of the four-part test that usually takes three hours. Officials say this will be available in September of 2020. There is a writing section that is the fifth optional test part and takes about forty-five minutes. Students can retake this, also. The scores of the four test sections are put into an average composite score. If taken multiple times, the highest composite score a student has may not reflect their best individual section scores. Individual section test-taking will allow for putting their best scores together for a “superscore.” Some schools do superscoring, but now students will not have to send in multiple tests.

Anemona Hartocollis wrote this article on October 8th to talk about this new system/option for students. She explained all the things above and quoted an ACT spokesman who said, “We’re trying to save them time. We’re trying to save them money.”  She told how it applies to high school students trying to apply for colleges and get their scores up. Hartocollis questions whether colleges will evaluate scores by whether they were achieved at one sitting or as a superscore. She also introduces the idea that students may be able to take the test online and get results faster. She puts the article together by explaining how the ACT works now and how the changes will improve the experience.

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