The Red Meat Controversy

October 3, 2019

Red meat has had some backlash from organizations, but four new studies say otherwise. The Department of Agriculture and World Health Organization have urged everyone to eat less red meat. These studies report, “there is no compelling evidence that reducing consumption of red or processed meats will be beneficial to an individual.” The studies say that nutrition studies are difficult because human nutrition is a complex system and it is hard to know what someone is eating. There are some findings on health benefits from cutting back red meat, but these studies question the other studies. The studies of red meat are flawed and do not have controlled variables.

            This article by Gina Kolata, tells the audience that major organizations urge people to eat less dark meat. She discusses five takeaways from the debate. The standards for these nutritional studies are not as structured as a scientific one. Kolata expresses that the audience should be aware of the difference. She ends with a section titled “We’re all going to have to live with some uncertainty about what to eat.” She quotes from the studies to show the audience both sides.

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