By 2050, sixty countries want to reduce their net carbon emissions to zero. The United Nations announced this this week, but these countries only accounted for 11% of the world’s emissions. It is not clear how they will cut back to zero, but technological advances to capture carbon may help. The cutting back of these sixty countries is a small amount compared to the top three emitters: China, the United States, and India. To get on the list of sixty, the countries could have either “plans to achieve net zero CO2 emissions” or say it is “a long-term national goal.”

            Somini Sengupta and Nadja Popovich put together an article about this new announcement. They discuss how the cutting back of emissions from these countries will be a small impact. The way it will happen is unclear, but countries may pay for projects like tree-planting programs. They discuss countries specific laws and when they plan on making the most impact. There are some different comparisons they make between countries and cities in them and how much each emits.

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