Mside Scavenger Hunt

September 19, 2019

I was in my journalism class and we were all sent on a hunt for different items from people we did not know on campus. I was sent to find a creatively bent paper clip and a favorite Morningside memory.

            I went to the Krone advising center to find the paper clip. I met Shari Benson, at the from desk. I told her I was looking for a creatively bent paperclip. She laughed and said, “certainly,” and grabbed one, bending it in a spiral fashion. She even used a pen, as she asked me and a couple other classmates what else we were looking for out of curiousity.

            My second objective was to ask someone their favorite Morningside memory. I went to the Ag department and found Kim Hawkins, the administrative assistant, at the front desk. I told her what I was doing and asked her favorite Morningside memory. She said, “You should give me a couple days to think about.” She decided after a couple of minutes that her memory was the first day she started. There were 5 or 6 interviewers, not one like expected, and she was overwhelmed. But, early on she learned that everyone was nice and made her feel comfortable at Morningside for the last twenty years.

            Both Shari and Kim were surprised at what I was asking, but seemed to enjoy the company. They had just as many questions for me as I did them. This activity was fun and I have met two more people here in campus.

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