Newly Discovered Eels

September 11, 2019

Three new species of eel were discovered when a study of the one type was being examined and scientists found that has over double the voltage power. In an article, Emma Goldberg writes about how Dr. Carlos David de Santana of the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.  discovered the “Electrophorus voltai.” It can generate an electric volt up to 860. The eel can grow to eight feet long and forty-four pounds and their high voltage was found when de Santana and colleagues caught 107 electric eel specimens. They found the three different species in the electric eel after this capture.

Goldberg wrote this article through the New York Times and packs a lot of information about eels into one. She starts by explaining what is known about eels from the past. She then explains how de Santana finds out the “Electrophorus voltai” has voltage power up to 860 volts. The information about de Santana and colleagues was concise and told how they did what they did and how they discovered the three distinct species in one. She ends it by saying there will be more research to find out if the eels can be used for new technology.

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