Dave Philipps wrote an article about the weight that the Navy and other United States military branches are gaining and what they are doing about it. A Defense Department study found that twenty-two percent of the US Navy troops qualify as obese. The Navy obesity rate has risen sixfold in less than a decade while only doubling in the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps. With the military having control over what the troops eat, they are changing what they serve and opening gyms longer to help bring the obesity rates down.

            Philipps uses a lot of statistics to discuss the obesity in these military branches. He posted the article after a new study came out with updated rates in each branch. He talks about how leaders feel, how obesity is measured and how they are changing things to help. The data is explained and tells when it is from. He brings up the past from World War II when military recruits were often malnourished and underqualified for service leading to a school lunch program in the country. The article makes comparisons and tells the solutions the military is implementing.

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