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Watch For Gesture

For my daily routine, I headed to the gym and as soon as I arrived there, I opened the door to see this huge lumberjack looking man. He had semi-long curly hair with a hat on backwards. He also had a scruffy beard that went down to his chest. His arms were covered with various colored tattoos that helped build his alpha persona.

Some sensory details that I thought were important was the way he was working out. He seemed very focused since after he finished each set he sat down on the bench and just listened to his music and looked at the ground. He had very good posture as he would be standing straight up when he was doing bicep curls or shoulder press. The one thing that I did find interesting however, was that once he finished each set, he would mess with his fingers almost like he was trying to crack them after every time he’d use the weights. He wore a white tank top that was skintight, dark grey shorts, and white socks with boots on as he potentially just came straight from work.

As I kept observing him, he reminded me more and more of a bear in the way that he grunts when he attempts each set, how he’s so hairy, and the way I felt his dominance in the gym as I thought it reflected how a bear is represented in the wild.

I actually ended up bumping into him while I was going to get a drink and to my surprise he smiled and let out a big laugh when I spilled my water on me since my water wasn’t completely closed. If I had to guess what he did for work, it would be someone who works on the line as a construction worker of some sorts.

Throughout this time observing this man, I felt as if I wasn’t being very objective. In fact, I felt as if I was being very subjective towards him since I knew nothing about him.

Buccaneers QB, Tom Brady, Sustains A Hit To His Throwing Hand

In the win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, 45-17, Tom Brady sustained a minimal injury to his thumb in which he claims that “There’s no serious injury at all. It’s more just discomfort, but I think that should be gone here in the next day or two” showing how it’s just a part of the game and that people shouldn’t be freaking out over it.

Jenna Laine, ESPN staff writer, explains how none of his teammates had any idea that he suffered an injury to his thumb as he ended up throwing five touchdown passes throughout the night. Three of which were after he got hurt which was 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the first quarter of the game.

Tom Brady isn’t going to just brush off their next opponent being the Eagles as they have a defense that will put Brady’s mind to work compared to the Dolphins.

This article was very objective and didn’t really have a voice at all which was nice because it allowed for more information to be presented. I thought the lead was very weak as it didn’t really cover the entirety of the article which talked about the next week’s match and briefly went over Brady’s sore thumb. Even though the article had good content, the lead could of been stronger.

Are The Baltimore Ravens On To Something After Their Win Over The Colts?

After this week’s crazy win over the Colts, 31-25, the Ravens don’t see any game that’s out of reach anymore. They seem driven and ready to win every week as their coach asked them “Which one of these crazy games is the best one?” and without hesitation the whole team said “the next one”. The Ravens’ organization believes this is the start to something special.

The Colts had a 98.4% chance of winning with only 12 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter with a lead of 25-9. In those 12 minutes, the Ravens held the Colts from scoring and converted on every drive before ultimately winning.

This article is pretty objective for the most part even though there are parts in the article in which the author slightly gives their own opinion. The article has tons of quotes from the players and staff which gives a great narrative for the story.

The lead is strong as the Ravens had a problem last year in the playoffs where they weren’t able to come back and win a game after being down two touchdowns. The difference then and now is that they are able to come back from more than two touchdowns and their defense is able to hold the other team when it matters.

The lead helps build the story and gives a good idea of where the story is headed.

Review of Monster Buddies

Looking at the package that the monster buddies come in, it looks like a kid would love these as they have crazy fluffy monsters on the package.

The initial smell opening that package was a strong artificial fruit flavor. The fruit snack itself, is quite squishy but reminds me a little bit of rubber in the sense of it being able to bounce back after being compressed.

The flavoring of the fruit snack is surprisingly good as I initially thought it was going to be bad due to the initial smell and consistency.

The fruit snack itself is quite dry and cold which is nice because it eliminates the sticky element when eating food.

Student Athlete’s Experience Additional Stress Due To The Pandemic

Student athletes already have added stress to their schedules compared to the average student. Since the pandemic began, student athletes lives have changed exponentially and for some it has caused a ton of unneeded stress to their already loaded plates.

Students at Morningside University had a variety of different experiences with the pandemic and have all handled it in different ways. Whether it be from their sports schedule, online classes, or social interaction, it makes it difficult for student athletes to manage a healthy schedule on top of worrying about potentially getting Covid.

A student that plays on the baseball team at Morningside, Chris Weins, explains his experience with the pandemic and how it’s affected the way he practices. Weins stated that “I stress about am I getting enough reps, I knew I was always getting everything out of practice before Covid and now it difficult because I don’t have as much time anymore” emphasizing how the quality of work in practice has decreased due to the pandemic affecting his time throughout the day.

Athletes at Morningside have seen a drastic change when it comes to practices and learning. The pandemic has made them reevaluate whether or not sports is worth the additional stress. Some athletes see the pandemic as a huge stressor and others view it as nothing less but a bump in the road.

Ethan Alfers, a basketball player at Morningside, explains his experience with the pandemic by stating that “I handle it pretty well, I know some people can get overwhelmed and amped up and it definitely does create health concerns, but you just gotta take a deep breath and go on with you day” noting how easy it is for him to go on through everyday life without the pandemic affecting how he lives.

These two interactions are definitely at opposite spectrums in terms of their stress levels and everyday life during the pandemic. One thing that’s for certain though is that they’ve both seen how it’s affected people’s mental state with how much their lives are changing.

Nobody’s experience with the pandemic is the same but everyone is definitely impacted by it one way or another.

The pandemic has implemented numerous changes in the way not just athletes but students go about there everyday life and how its affecting the way they comprehend information.

Owen Anderson, Men’s Volleyball player, says how “It has affected the way I study and how I learn since it’s hard for me to learn online… the times for practice is hard to get used to since they are always changing which makes me stress out about getting my homework done” stating how he’s struggled adapting to life during the pandemic and how it’s increased his stress levels. This seems to be some of the more prominent problems throughout the pandemic with student athletes.

Volleyball head coach, Addison Mertler, explains how ” It is a lot more on the individual and what there doing, making sure there being smart with how there interacting” noting how much more individuals have to be aware of what they are doing and making sure they are being safe because one wrong move could potentially put your whole team at risk of getting sick.

Mertler also states that “Today might be your last day, you might never get to play again” implying that the pandemic could shut sports down whenever and for an unknown amount of time so don’t take your time in practice or games for granted.

The pandemic has changed the way students learn and how athletes tackle their sport. Whether it’s schoolwork or constantly running around for sports, many student athletes are starting to realize that the amount of stress it’s causing them on a daily basis due to the pandemic should be talked about.

From taking a breath each day at a time and pushing forward or taking days off of practice to find time to fit in school work the answer is unclear. The only thing that seems coherent is that student athletes have accumulated a ton of unneeded stress during the pandemic.

Professor Gonsler

From life as a Police Officer to a Professor at Morningside. The journey of becoming a Professor after having one of a kind experiences.

Professor Gonsler studied at Michigan State University and spent two years in public law enforcement before switching majors and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. He proceeded to get his masters and PHD.

In his first two years of working in law enforcement, he worked for six months as a correction officer. While Gonsler was on duty, he confiscated over 50 phones , saw dead baby birds in a hot pot, and figured out that more times than not there’s corrupt cops at almost any department.

One thing that did stand out during my time interviewing Gonsler was that he “was on a federal watchlist for eight years just because I was mailing the unabomber for 8 months” since his boss told him to start emailing various terrorists in hopes to hear something back. He then added how “I was probably the only person in the world besides his gang that would want mail from the uni bomber” since the unabomber used to send bombs through the mail.

From his time in law enforcement, he soon realized that it wasn’t for him however, and led him to find many qualities in life as a professor. His first gig as a teacher was actually being an instructor but as he grew in his teaching abilities he sought out a better job. He initially applied to around 50 schools but only heard back from two.

One of those two was Morningside University. On his first interview here he instantly fell in love with the campus, environment, and faulty on campus. Once he got the job, he started teaching various intro classes as he loves to do. His favorite class to teach is CIC as he only teaches that in the fall.

As he only wishes the best for his students he stated that “I don’t really care what my students do, some kids shouldn’t be cops, the most important thing is that I want them to get what they want out of this course is to expose them to the good and the bad of careers”.

Lastly, from handcuffs and pepper spray to a class made up for college students he loves what he does now.

Last Conversation

Last night I bumped into one of my friends that live in my hall. We rambled on with small talk at first but then it seamlessly transitioned into a intriguing conversation about the recent dreams we’ve been experiencing and how similar they were. Both of us talked about our little “nightmares” and a bunch of laughing that created a great way to end the night. As we both ended our night, I felt as if he was glad to have talked to someone with similar experiences recently.

Richard Sherman Signs One-Year Deal With The Buccaneers

Veteran cornerback Richard Sherman signed a one-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this morning. Sherman stated that it was “The best offer I had” indicating it was dumb not to chose the Bucs after they reached out to him.

Another factor that helped influence Sherman was Tom Brady, QB for the Buccaneers, reaching out to him as he is one of the all-time great QB’s ever. Once Brady reached out to him, he said that “Anytime He [Tom Brady] makes that call, it’s a very difficult opportunity to pass up” showing how much of an impact Brady has on players around the league.

Even though Sherman is a notable cornerback around the league he still insisted on getting a week to prepare and get comfortable with Bruce Arians scheme. It’s going to be tough to not see him not suited up this week however as the Buccaneers defense is pretty banged up.

The article had good content but it definitely could’ve used more. The article is objective as it just states the facts and leaves the author’s opinion out of the conversation. The quotes throughout the article were effectively used and allowed the reader to get a good idea of what Sherman brings to the team’s defense.

Something that would’ve made this article better however, is leaving out all the legal matter Sherman has had to deal with since the article is mainly talking about the signing and how it impacts the team and not about what Sherman is doing of the field.

How Jacob Freeman’s College Life Changed During Covid

During Freeman’s time in college, he has experienced both the college life pre-covid and during covid. The biggest thing that he saw from being in college during covid was not being able to be in the classroom. Freeman loves to learn inside the classroom and hates trying to figure out things over zoom. He stated that “online zoom classes suck” because he was not able to get that the same learning experience as he got in the classroom before covid.

As most of the world was skeptical of covid, Freeman was not scared of what covid would do to him if he got it because he tested positive early in the pandemic and his symptoms weren’t anything serious.

One of the bigger things that bothered in about the adjusted schedule for school is that it affected the way he scheduled work and it disrupted his workflow for school. He also missed out on a bunch of sporting events and social interaction which he loves to be a part of but couldn’t since covid took those things away from him. As he progressed through the semester, he thought that “learning is more challenging over zoom and limits your ability to learn hands on” which made a huge impact on how he approached each class.

Overall, Freeman is not a huge fan of how covid affected not just his college life but his whole life a crossed the board.

Scavenger Hunt

On my hunt for someone to interview, I went to the dimmitt dorms where I live and started knocking on people’s doors in my hall to find someone that I’ve never talked to. This was a weird but interesting experience as when I finally got someone to answer the door they were very ecstatic to be getting interviewed.

My new friend that I interviewed is named Owen Anderson. We had a great conversation talking about his love for watching women’s volleyball as he thinks “Girls have better defense than guys and that the girls game is easier to follow than the guys” which gave me a very detailed picture as of why he watches the girl’s game more than the guys.

Anderson also mentioned how in volleyball “Girls have better shot selections than guys” hinting at the fact that guys are just big powerful hitters that just swing to swing.

In some cases that can be fun to watch, but at some point it gets too hard to follow like Anderson mentioned earlier.

When it was time to go, I asked Owen one last thing.

I asked if it was okay if I could get a picture of him before returning to my class so I could have a face to match our interaction together. Like before, he was ecstatic to have someone taking his picture as long as they asked beforehand.

Overall, our conversation went shockingly well as the only awkward part of it all was the initial interaction.

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