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Answer to first question:  I know that Heinz broke the law when he went in to the store and stole from the man, but I don’t think it mattered.  The basic human instinct is survival.  The only way for his wife to survive was to steal the drug because he couldn’t get anymore money, and the store owner wouldn’t sell it for cheaper.  When you get married, you become one, so I feel like Heinz was using this survival instinct.  I know it was wrong (in morals and law), but I don’t blame him because it wasn’t possible for him to think morally in the moment.

I answered pretty much just as Kohlberg and Gilligan say that I should.  I thought of the situation in a very logical sense.  My decision was based on and individual’s feelings rather than keeping a harmonious relationship.  I took the question as it was instead of changing things to make a better situation.

I think this article points out a big difference in how males and females think (Not all but most).  Most males think very logically and deal with a situation as it is, and they make the best decision based on individuals’ feelings and needs.  Most women, on the other hand, look at situations on a broader view (almost as sociologists instead of psychologists) deal with them based on the good of the whole or how to keep relationships peaceful.  We’ve all used the phrase (jokingly or not), “Can’t we all just get along?”  Form what I’ve seen, I believe this is how women try to solve a lot of problems, while men just make decisions logically based on each situation.  These decisions could hurt other individuals in order to solve the problem the best way.  I don’t feel these things are as important to gender as the article makes them seem, but I do think women and men think differently.


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  1. A untroubled old majority will be the award of a well-spent youth. Instead of its bringing sad and low prospects of decay, it would give in to defeat us hopes of eternal youth in a less ill globe

  2. jttex, I’m glad to hear that Duane has been by Dutchtown High and had a sit down with Collins and his coach. Something tells me Duane knows where Texas sits with Collins.