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Honors–Immigration Discussion

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This last discussion was very interesting.  I think it was awesome to finally see people get into it with their beliefs.  The strongest point I heard that I agree with has to do with the desperation of the immigrants.  We discussed that they have no other choice than to come over because they will die where they are.  It takes too much time to get through the process of becoming a citizen, so they have to come illegally.  The strongest point was that it takes way too long to become a citizen.  No we shouldn’t just have people sign a paper and let them in, but we should reexamine our process to see if we can simplify it or speed it up.  It’s not that we don’t want the immigrants, we just don’t want non-citizens stealing citizens’ jobs.

The strongest argument that I didn’t agree with was that the illegal immigrants should just deal with what they have coming.  I think that this just bypasses the problem.  Convicting illegal immigrants doesn’t stop the problem.  Yes, most get sent back, but it’s just as easy for more to come back over and replace them.  Like I said in the discussion, it’s like a cycle.  Until we stop the start of the cycle, we can’t get anywhere.  Cracking down on the company/business owners, patrolling the border more closely, and making citizenship easier would be huge steps in stopping the harmful cycle.

I think our arguments have been pretty respectful.  We aren’t down grading anyone.  We also see each other’s point; we just try to point out the flaws in the argument.  Our thoughts and beliefs came in quite a bit in this last discussion, but I don’t think anyone left hating another person.  It was pretty respectful even thought not everyone agreed.


4 Responses to “Honors–Immigration Discussion”
  1. Brenda says:

    You made a nice summary here of the arguments that stood out to you. Hopefully we all learned that disagreeing allows us to better probe an issue!

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