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Religion–Most Important Element

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All this talk about what the most important element of religion is making me think.  Since I didn’t do my presentation over the most important element, I think this is a very interesting argument.  I think I am convinced that myth is the most important element of religion today.  The stuff people believe today would not be here without the stories.  If we didn’t believe the stories, there would be nothing to believe.  No ultimate reality would really make sense without myth.  Also, so many of the practices today come from rituals in the past that we get from story.  So basically, if myth wasn’t there, new religions would spring up all the time and none would be carried on.  As we see today, most religions are very old, so you can see that myth has to be there to keep them going.


6 Responses to “Religion–Most Important Element”
  1. Cammy says:

    I like your idea that myth is important but wouldn’t that make belief more important? Because people can make any stories they want, but it depends on the person who may or may not believe in the myths. Do you think that maybe textual evidence maybe important also? Since it is concrete evidence that such myths do exist.

  2. Byron Brown says:

    I think that Myth is a big part of Religion but i do not think it is the most important. You said that people have to believe the Myth that is why i say that Belief is the Main component. It is the building block or glue that holds everything together. People have to believe in the myth otherwise it is just a group of stories. They also have to believe that there is a n Ultimate Reality or that the rituals and rites are actually doing something. IF they do not believe it is just a group of people or things. Every religion has beliefs either big or small. It is the unifying element which brings everything together into one whole, which we then call religion. That is why i think that Belief is the main element of Religion.

  3. Ryan says:

    I dont think myth is the most important part of religion either. I believe that the person is the most important element of religion. I didn’t think this until I saw the presentation over it in class. I thought that it was a very interesting presentation and brought up some valid points. For example, if the person didn’t believe in religion than there would no religion because there would no need for it. Basically, you need the person to have religion and that is why the person is the most important element.

  4. McKayla says:

    Your point does make some sense. However i have to disagree and say that belief is the most important element. Sure myth plays a big roll in a religion but so does the sacred space and ultimate reality. But consider that without the belief in the myths or the ultimate reality or the sacred spaces, there would be nothing left of religion. Because nobody would believe in it to practice it.

  5. Im no professional, but I think you just made the best point. You naturally comprehend what youre speaking about, and I can seriously get behind that. Thanks for staying so upfront and so truthful.

  6. How important has science been in explaining the cause and cure of disease?