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October 10, 2017


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On Monday, October 2nd, I spent a little more than an hour at a bar downtown known as The Marquee. Normally, I have no business hanging out a bar since I’m under 21 and I typically don’t drink, but this particular night I had a reason to be there. Local jazz band Reggie Shive Big Band was performing and as a man who is currently developing his taste in jazz, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to listen to some live local music.

When myself and the group of friends I was with showed up, the band was not performing yet, so the place was generally quiet. The first thing that really struck me was the delicious smell of popcorn coming from the popcorn popper near the bar. As soon as I paid my cover charge, I immediately went over to the popper to get myself a snack before the show. The corn had a very rich, buttery taste, but it wasn’t an overwhelming taste that can sometimes happen with fresh popped corn like that.

The first thing I noticed altogether about the place is that it is very music oriented. I knew before I came there that they had a stage for live music, but I never understood until I came there just how deep their music roots went. When taking my seat over by the stage, I saw to my right a massive mural of a Gibson Les Paul guitar on one of the walls. In addition, there were framed photos of many bands throughout the bar. This overall theme of music even extended to the drinks, as their signature drinks had music related names such as “Purple Rain” and “Green Day”.

The joint really lit up once the 20 or so piece band began to play. Any noise of people talking was drowned out by the sweet yet loud jazz music being played by the band. Red stage lights illuminated the stage as the jazz band came to life. The first set the band played contained not only the well known Jazz standards, but they also played a couple newer pieces. A sweet waitress made sure my water cup and popcorn bowl was full throughout the show.


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