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September 28, 2017

Alex Watters Interview

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When it comes to First Year Adviser Alex Watters, staying in one place is something he typically does not do. From working every day helping students grow through their first year at college, to being a member of the Sioux City city council, to helping lobby for helping disabled youth, Watters keeps a pretty tight schedule from day to day.

A typical day for Alex begins at 6:00am, when his caregiver comes to help him begin his day. Once he’s ready, goes to his city council meeting at 7:30. After the meeting, he heads to work at the Krone Advising Center at 9:30, where he spends the day working with students and attending other meetings. According to Alex, what he loves most about the job is” to see them (his students) blossom and to see them come into their own.” He finishes work at 5:00 pm, but his day is not over just yet. On this particular day, Alex had an awards ceremony to attend at 5:30. Afterwards he has a call for the State Rehabilitation Council.

Free time for Alex is not a common thing, but when he does have free time he likes to have fun. He loves to watch movies, go to beer festivals with his girlfriend as he is a fan of craft beer, seeing his students at Morningside events, and considers himself a foodie. Additionally, Alex is currently working on a book, which he currently calls “Living the Dream, Just Not the One I Imagined.” Along with the book, he hopes to be a motivational speaker in the future.

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