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September 26, 2017


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The last person I talked to was my roommate, Levi Swan. He is a 19 year old Caucasian male. Small build. Has Straight, dark brown hair. Around 5′ 9″ tall and weighs around 115 lbs. Still has braces on his upper set of teeth. He was wearing no shirt and wearing dark colored gym shorts and glasses. The last conversation I had with him was about how game publisher EA stopped making NCAA video games a long time ago, as he was playing an NCAA basketball game on his Xbox.



I was given a small selection of goodies. The first food item I received was two chocolate doughnut holes. They were a deep dark brown color and was liberally coated with sugar. Feeling these doughnut holes, you could tell that these were very soft and dense, unlike some doughnut holes which can be crispy on the outside and light on the inside. When touching them, a small layer of sugar came off onto my fingers since there was simply so much sugar. They have a subtle cocoa scent to them. When biting into them, you could definitely experience the density and cocoa flavor of the doughnut hole, along with a nice sweetness and a satisfying, slight crunch sound from the sugar.

The Next item I received was a small selection of mixed fruit. This included a strawberry, a blackberry, a raspberry, and two blueberries. The strawberry did not look as fresh as I would like it to be, as there is some slight discoloration throughout the berry. Biting into the strawberry, it was very apparent. The taste was fairly bland compared to a normal strawberry, and was also slightly sour. The next fruit to try was the blackberry. Upon picking it up, it was very squishy and even a slight touch caused it to leak juice. When biting into the fruit, I was surprised by the amount of seeds that were in it. Along with the strawberry, it as well had a bit of a sour flavor and could’ve been sweeter.

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  1. Last person: Mainly visual. I’m seeing a skinny fellow who likes to play video games. What other details would add to that image?

    Goodies. The word itself says something.

    Good selection of sensory details. I think you’re trying to say something about the donut holes.

       fuglsang — September 27, 2017 @ 9:37 pm

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