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September 14, 2017

Lede Exercise 9/14

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Exercise #1:

After a group of students had their boat capsize off the coast of Daytona Beach, one was killed and another was injured.

Four students of the Armstrong Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida- went sailing in a 16-foot catamaran. 19 year old Randy Cohen reported that the boat capsized after springing a leak. The four students were left hanging on to one of the boat’s pontoons through the night with strong currents and without life jackets. They began swimming towards the shore of Ormond Beach at dawn.

When swimming back, Cohen heard a call for help from 19 year old Christy Wapniarski, who was being attacked by a shark. By time Cohen was able to reach Wapniarski, she was unconscious with no shark in sight. 20 year old Daniel Perrin swam to aid Cohen and Wapniarski. After checking her pulse, Perrin told Cohen that she was dead. Cohen still swam with Wapniarski for another few minutes until he had to let her go due to exhaustion.

The three remaining students took six and a half more hours to reach the shore. While swimming back, Cohen was bitten several times by Portuguese men-of-war. He currently is in Halifax Hospital, Daytona Beach. The other two were examined at the hospital and later released.

Exercise #2:

42 were killed and 16 injured after a United Airlines flight crashed in Chicago.

A United Airlines flight crashed this Friday afternoon while approaching Chicago’s Second City Airport. The jet plowed through homes in a residential district south of the city, killing most of the passengers. According to a spokes person with United, “The plane was due at Midway at 2:30 pm. CST. The plane was aproaching the airport with a 500-foot ceiling and a one-mile visibility.”

The National Transportation Safety Board in Washington were immediately dispatched to the scene in Chicago. In their investigation, 42 bodies were found. One of the victims was identified to as Representative George W. Collins of Illinois, who was returning to organize a children’s Christmas party. 16 others, including the three flight attendants, were admitted to Holy Cross Hospitals with injuries.

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