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September 7, 2017

Lede Exercise #1

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The suspension of 5 students at East High School has lead to protests and unrest within the school.

East High Principal Laura Vibelius reported that there was general unrest from disgruntled students last week after five students where suspended for smoking marijuana in the school parking lot on Monday. On Tuesday, students started a food fight in the cafeteria. In addition, three false alarms were sounded on Wednesday.

When asked about the protests, Principal Vibelius commented, “Not so much unrest because of suspensions, but because of summer vacation being so near.” An additional ten students were suspended for a week due to the demonstrations. Vibelius also commented that she sees no continuation of these “incidents” in the future.

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  1. OK. I can go wth this. The details are confusing because the numbers don’t always add up. You avoid that problem by focusing on the five protesters. The organization works.

       fuglsang — September 11, 2017 @ 8:55 pm

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