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August 31, 2017

Student Spotlight: Joey Volquartsen

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Joey Nicole Volquartsen is a junior theater student at Morningside College, originally from Stanton, Iowa. Her passion for theater began as a little girl. When she was in Kindergarten, she knew that she wanted to become famous. This desire became full-blown in middle school, when she saw a national touring production of the widely popular musical “Wicked”. From that point on, she knew that the theater life was the life for her.

Additionally, Joey is minoring in Mass Communication. She can be heard in not one, but TWO radio shows broadcasted on Fusion 93. One of those shows, entitled Musical Mondays, reflects her love for the theater, as she mainly plays songs from musicals on the show. Her second show, entitled Culture Shock, places her with good friend and fellow Morningsider Jared Marten as they discuss the pop culture news of the week.

When not on stage or on the radio, Joey enjoys collecting and listening to vinyl records and dancing. When her time at Morningside is complete, she hopes to work at Walt Disney World as part of their college program. When she finishes there, she then hopes to work with regional playhouses and eventually hopes to work her way on to Broadway.

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  1. This is nicely done, Dylan. Each graf has a nice focus, and when you put all the info together it provides a good frame for Joey. You hint at a lead in the tweet you wrote in class: “Broadway dreams.” How could that be made into a lead? (Or maybe stick with the “spotlight” metaphor.)

       fuglsang — September 4, 2017 @ 2:35 am

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