walking campus

September 21, 2017 | | Comments Off on walking campus

When walking around campus looking for someone to talk to I found myself outside of Eplee Center.


I saw a man walking towards me, I had no idea who this man was but I knew I had to get his autograph for this assignment. I walked up to him and asked him for his name and his autograph. The look on his face was pure confusion, so I assured him I was not some weird guy asking him for his autograph  and told him it was for my class. So he said his name was Devan and gave my his signature.


For my second mission of the day, I had to ask a total stranger what their pet peeve was. With no luck outside Eplee Center I decided to walk back to class. When walking back I saw a guy on his phone. I interrupted his texting and asked him about his pet peeve. Without a second passing he said “when someone drags their feet walking drives me crazy”.


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