Details Behind Amber Alert Policies

September 21, 2017 | | Comments Off on Details Behind Amber Alert Policies

This news report is newsworthy because it is important to know the details and policies of Amber Alerts. Although there is a series of events that must take place prior to actually sending out the Amber Alert, it should still be sent out in a timely matter. The issue they had with the new systems delay in delivering all the Amber Alerts out to cell phones could’ve cost someone their life. Amber Alerts are amazing in the respect that they can get a message out everywhere almost instantly when there aren’t any glitches.
Regarding the policies, having to be under 18 years of age in order for an alert to be sent out seems too young. They should move it up to at least 21, being it could help save a lot more lives. The other policies make sense, of course law enforcement needs to confirm the facts prior to sending out an Amber Alert to everyone.
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