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So I just finished reading this book called Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright.  Now I’ll admit it is a predictable story but I think it sends a message everyone should hear.  This book is not just about giving money… no it’s about something much more than that.  It’s about giving of ourselves, our full selves.  Opening up and taking the time to see the people around us.  So many people are involved in their own lives that they miss the things that are right in front of them.  And sometimes it’s those things we need the most.

This story tells of a family that has a special tradition every Christmas of giving a jar of money away to people who need it.  And it is this tradition that changes the lives of so many people.  Giving the gift and not expecting anything in return and not telling people is selflessness.  I feels it shows the true heart of giving.  I think that this book demonstrates a concept that is hard to comprehend.  So many people want to be thanked for their gifts but is that truly giving?  What do you think?

I would recommend this book because it is a quick read.  I’ll admit that many people may find it predictable and cheesy, but they’ll also find it inspirational.  People may think I’m corny for liking an inspirational story but how many people go see and love movies like “Remember the Titians” or “The Blindside”?  I like a little dose of inspiration in my life because we hear so much about bombings and shootings, sometimes I just need a story that ends happily.  What are you’re opinions on the book?

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This story is about a man, Emery Henn, who’s car got stuck on some railroad tracks and a train was coming toward him.  Two men, John Zimmer and Justin Widell, came to his aid by pulling him out of the car before the train hit his vehicle and sent debris flying everywhere.  Henn was eighty seven and had recently had hip surgery which prevented his from getting out of the car.  Zimmer and Widell saw the car and made a split second decision.  They said it was a reaction: “We saw a guy in need…”  Zimmer who is a retired Marine claims he was only doing his civic duty.  He recalls when he flipped his boat on the Mississippi in 2002 and someone came to his aid. Henn will be spending Christmas with his family.

I believe this is definitely a newsworthy story!  It is well written.  The story gives us the highlights of the incident and informs us of what happened.  I like how the writer not only makes this story news but also makes it a feature story.  The writer brings you into the story and pulls at your feelings while still informing you of what happened.

On a more personal level I like  part of the story where the writer informs us of a past event.  It reminds me of the phrase or movie “Pay it Forward”.  Zimmer was just paying forward the gift that someone else had given him.  I have to say I am a person who loves a good feel good story so this story really touches me.  I know Henn won’t ever forget the gift he was given.

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